“Ms Schmidbauer helped us to take care of our son during the first months. Initially hired for 12 weeks we extended her booking with us.
Martina is a very caring and loving person and we were really lucky to have her around us taking care of our baby.
During her 12h night shifts she helped our son to learn how to calm himself with so much empathy and patience – she made every effort to make him feel comfortable.
Ms Schmidbauer brought him to our bedroom when he needed to be nursed and as he became older she also introduced him to bottle feeding. She planned his night routines and helped to improve all other baby logistics like medicine, bedroom setup, etc.
Ms Schmidbauer taught us a lot we wish we had known with our first child.
Martina is extremely reliable & motivated, very well-organized, has very high hygienic standards and the best work ethic one could wish for.
We would be very happy if Ms Schmidbauer would be willing to come to Berlin and work with us again when we have our next baby.
We can recommend her wholeheartedly and are very thankful to have met her.
Happy baby – happy parents.”

Sandra & Paul, Berlin, Germany

“We hired Martina Schmidbauer as maternity nurse to support us with the care of our second daughter.
Originally booked to stay for 12 weeks, we later asked her to stay for another month. Martina is a very experienced newborn care specialist and an extremely professional, but also warm and caring individual.
Her contributions helped to make the first months with our new baby more enjoyable and also allowed us to explore different ideas and products that we might not have discovered without Martina’s recommendation.
Martina also joined us during our travels and we all loved having her around.
We warmly recommend her services and would absolutely book her again.”

Laura & Steffen, Berlin, Germany

“I have been consistently impressed with Martina’s great energy, positive can-do attitude, her flexibility and proactivity during the time I have known her.
She is extremely reliable and fully committed on her role, and our family benefitted greatly from her knowledge and expertise on taking care of and establishing the routine for our newborn.
Martina has tireless work ethic and she is always willing to go for an extra mile to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of our baby.
I was very pleased to have her as part of our family.
I am confident that she will be a great asset to any family and will establish quickly trustworthy and warm relationships with the baby and the entire family.”

Minna, Switzerland

“Nothing in the world prepares you for becoming a parent- not even already being a Registered Nurse with years of experience.
That experience goes right out the window as you are as uncertain and cautious as any new parent.
Becoming a parent in a tough gig, juggling your new baby, your partner, your work and finding the new person you have become.
We were very fortunate to have a “guide” on our journey- to reassure us we were doing the right thing and not messing everything up.
Martina became and integral part of our family, giving us the support we needed when we didn’t even recognise we needed it.
Her calming and gentle nature is exactly what we needed to get on the right path and to give us the confidence to know we could do this all over again!!!
We truly miss Martina and frequently talk about her with our son who is now almost 9!!!
Martina has our eternal thanks for the time that she dedicated to us.”

Leah & Nathan, Australia

“First time parent, we were happy and relieved to have Martina by our side.
She is a very professional, reliable and extremely dedicated person and showed a very high sensitivity to our son’s needs.
Martina managed to put in place a daily routine that suits our family.
We highly recommend her.
She is a fantastic asset!”

Caro, Switzerland