Do you want to truly enjoy the first few weeks with your baby?

Hiring a private newborn care specialist gives you the rest, support, and confidence you need to enjoy spending time with a happy, settled baby. I can give you the confidence and time to truly bond and adjust to life as a family, getting you off to the best possible start.

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming. From the moment you announce your pregnancy, people start telling you to enjoy “luxuries” like eating and sleeping now because you won’t be able to when the baby arrives. They tell you how they were so sleep-deprived that they walked into walls, the baby wouldn’t stop crying, and they didn’t leave the house for months. It’s not exactly the family life you’ve been dreaming of!

Don’t worry. I’m here to show you another way.

As the oldest of four children, I grew up looking after babies, and it was no surprise to anyone when I made that my career, but I still remember how it felt to hold my premature baby brother for the first time. I was overwhelmed by how tiny and fragile he seemed and nervous about the equipment that he needed. I know how it feels to be handed a small bundle and feel totally unprepared. These days most new parents have never cared for a baby before, and they’re left to figure things out on their own. They were trusting to instinct, occasional medical appointments, and confusing google searches that gave conflicting opinions and very few solid facts. No wonder they struggle!

It hasn’t always been that way. It’s an old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and in times gone by, there were always plenty of knowledgeable and experienced people available to support, advise and offer a helping hand. No parent was expected to go it alone.

I can be your village. As a private Maternity Nurse (non-med) & CACHE Certified Newborn Care Specialist, I can offer you information that’s based on the most up-to-date research and training, as well as my years of experience with many different babies, so you can be confident that whatever decisions you make have sound reasoning behind them. Instead of stumbling about in the dark, barely surviving those precious early weeks and months, you’ll have a trusted source of support available whenever you need it.

I am based in Graz, Austria, and work with families worldwide on a 24-hour basis, or for either days or nights only. My availability is limited, so contact me today to discuss your needs and preferred dates. There’s no obligation at this point, but it’s best to start discussing things as soon as possible since I can get booked many months in advance.

When you choose me as your Maternity Nurse (non-med), you will benefit from the following:

  • An advanced newborn care specialist on hand to guide you every step of the way.
  • The opportunity to rest when you need to.
  • Fundamental, evidence-based information and advice on every aspect of babycare.
  • A shoulder to lean on when things are difficult.
  • Expert help in spotting common problems such as reflux and colic, and getting any further help needed.
  • Someone who will empower you to learn about your baby, make informed decisions and feel confident in your parenting.
  • A happy baby and a calm home.
  • Advice tailored to your family and your baby, with a variety of methods and techniques to choose from or adapt to suit you.
  • Support for your choices, whatever they are.
  • Gentle but effective methods of encouraging good sleep and predictable feeding patterns that support your baby’s growth and development.
  • The reassurance that comes from knowing you are on the right path.
  • Personal, hands-on coaching as I teach you the essential practical skills that every parent needs to know.
  • Total confidentiality and discretion.

Does that sound like the sort of help you would like in the early stages of parenting? Consistent, supportive, empowering, and informed advice that leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the world? It’s not all that I’m offering. As a newborn care specialist, I can also take on many of the practical duties involved in caring for your little one, freeing up your time for rest and recovery, walks in the park, snuggles with your baby, or time as a couple and with friends.

My role is a supporting one and I work together with the parents as part of a united team.

I pride myself on knowing when to step back and allow parents time alone or as a family and when to step in and offer practical help. The duties I undertake are never the same. They are unique to your family. What one parent loves and can’t imagine asking someone to do is another parent’s most hated task!

You can be sure that if it’s right for your family, I’m always happy to:

  • Feed and change your baby, especially overnight so you can rest.
  • Bathe and dress your baby.
  • Settle them for naps and at night, teaching self soothing as appropriate and establishing good sleep habits.
  • Design an individual routine that works for both your baby and your family.
  • Work with and fully involve other family members, such as older siblings.
  • Assess health and safety needs and advise you on baby proofing if needed.
  • Ensure your baby has access to fresh air and time outdoors.
  • Provide stimulating activities and show you how to support your baby’s development.
  • Support you with weaning and introducing solid foods to your baby, when age appropriate.
  • Care for your baby while you spend a morning with friends, attend an appointment or enjoy an evening out.
  • Wash, sterilise and prepare bottles.
  • Wash and sterilise breast pumping equipment.
  • Store expressed milk correctly.
  • Re-stock baby care items.
  • Pack for travel.
  • Accompany you when you travel with your baby (valid EU-passport).
  • Attend doctor’s appointments.
  • Care for your baby as a proxy parent, providing 24 hour care if you need to be away from home.
  • Keep a daily journal, so you are fully informed of everything to do with your baby.
  • Provide a full handover between day and night shifts, with plenty of time to answer all your questions.

Still not sure? Here’s what some previous clients have to say:


“First-time parents, we were happy and relieved to have Martina by our side. She is a very professional, reliable, and extremely dedicated person and showed very high sensitivity to our son’s needs. Martina managed to put in place a daily routine that suits our family. We highly recommend her. She is a fantastic asset!”
Caro, Switzerland

“I have been consistently impressed with Martina’s great energy, positive can-do attitude, flexibility, and proactivity during the time I have known her. She is extremely reliable and fully committed to her role, and our family benefitted greatly from her knowledge and expertise in taking care of and establishing the routine for our newborn. Martina has a tireless work ethic and she is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of our baby. I was very pleased to have her as part of our family. I am confident that she will be a great asset to any family and will establish quickly trustworthy and warm relationships with the baby and the entire family.” Minna, Switzerland

“Nothing in the world prepares you for becoming a parent- not even already being a Registered Nurse with years of experience. That experience goes right out the window as you are as uncertain and cautious as any new parent. Becoming a parent is a tough gig, juggling your new baby, your partner, your work, and finding the new person you have become. We were very fortunate to have a “guide” on our journey- to reassure us we were doing the right thing and not messing everything up. Martina became an integral part of our family, giving us the support we needed when we didn’t even recognise we needed it. Her calming and gentle nature is exactly what we needed to get on the right path and to give us the confidence to know we could do this all over again!!! We truly miss Martina and frequently talk about her with our son who is now almost 9!!!
Martina has our eternal thanks for the time that she dedicated to us.”
Nathan & Leah, Australia