Leah & Nathan, Australia

“Nothing in the world prepares you for becoming a parent- not even already being a Registered Nurse with years of experience.
That experience goes right out the window as you are as uncertain and cautious as any new parent.
Becoming a parent in a tough gig, juggling your new baby, your partner, your work and finding the new person you have become.
We were very fortunate to have a “guide” on our journey- to reassure us we were doing the right thing and not messing everything up.
Martina became and integral part of our family, giving us the support we needed when we didn’t even recognise we needed it.
Her calming and gentle nature is exactly what we needed to get on the right path and to give us the confidence to know we could do this all over again!!!
We truly miss Martina and frequently talk about her with our son who is now almost 9!!!
Martina has our eternal thanks for the time that she dedicated to us.”